Where people come together, and ideas come to life!
Make your business ideas a reality with innovative tools to partner and collaborate. If you have a startup venture idea or you would consider getting involved with a new business opportunity, ibovo's for you!
The ibovo automatch tool brings together business partners with matching startup business ideas based on attributes such as business experience, professional interests, capital resources, location and more. Get connected with local or global partners.
Automatic business partner matching around startup business ideas - in your community and global
Planning working sessions and team meetings with your business partners and business investors is made easy through the integrated Team Calendar. Create a meeting using Web Conferencing, Teleconference, Chat or any other forum.  Your business partners are automatically notified when a meeting is scheduled.
Innovative team calendar and electronic invites for easily planning working sessions with your partners
Real-time Interaction
Advanced partner interaction is supported through online chat, web conferencing, video conferencing, whiteboarding, screen sharing, teleconference and more. ibovo tools for live interaction allow you to effectively work with your business partners and investors to deliver your startup business venture, whether your partners are around the corner or international.
Video conferencing, desktop sharing, white boarding and teleconference capabilities
Innovative business partner interaction is also supported through online chat, document sharing, instant polling, voice-over-internet, video conferencing and more. ibovo tools allow you to work together with your business partners, even if they are physically located on the other side of the globe. These tools are especially helpful for franchise expansion, real estate investors, technology projects, university collaboration, franchise restaurant expansion, business investor meetings, etc.
Document sharing, integrated chat, instant polling and Voice-over-Internet (VoIP)
Planning and executing your business idea requires tools to effectively collaborate with your business partners and business investors.  ibovo provides integrated tools to work together and collaborate in a secure environment. Consider using Wiki document sharing to collaboratively work together to edit your business plan, file sharing to share financial data with your investors and team blogs to exchange ideas and resolve issues with your business partners.
Wiki documents, file sharing, team blogs
Startup business collaboration for all types of business ideas is supported on ibovo. Share links with your business partners and business investors, document updates are automatically e-mails to your partners and custom RSS feeds allows your team partners to stay organized.
Link sharing, automatic e-mail notifications and custom team RSS feeds
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